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Blood Thurst: Seeing your prey bleed makes you stronger and more focused.

Gain every 10/20/35/50 seconds a point while in a chase with a injured survivor.

1 Point - 2% more movement speed.

2 Points - 4% more movement speed.

3 Points - 6% more movement speed.

4 Points - 8% more movement speed.

5 Points - 10% more movement speed.

6 Points - 10% more movement speed, Slightly powers your lunge.

7 Points - 10% more movement speed, Moderately powers your lunge.

8 Points - 10% more movement speed, Extremely powers your lunge.

Loose all points after you either lose or win a chase.

Points are capped at 2/4/6/8.

This perk will only be available to the Killer.

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"The taste of blood is something special"